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Microsoft: Secure Titanfall as an Xbox One and PC exclusive (Including sequels)

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We all know that competition is great for the gaming community. Without competition then the progress we are making towards a great gaming experience would slow down. Titanfall is a killer app for the Xbox One. Titanfall alone will bring a large audience to the Xbox One and grow the already vast community. If we were to make all games multi-plat then what is the point in owning a certain system? The Xbox One has a great line-up of games and I feel Titanfall is the most anticipated game of next-gen. Respawn Entertainment was given a choice when they decided to develop their game and they chose Microsoft and the Xbox One because of the amazing support that Microsoft gave them in developing Titanfall. We all know that Titanfall was made possible by the support of the Cloud to developers. Dedicated servers for all online games plus the ability to offload some of the processes in a game to the cloud has created a very unique experience that can only be found on the Xbox One. Please allow this game to stay at its full potential and not be watered down in order to accommodate other systems that cannot handle the processes.






Please secure Titanfall and sequels as an Xbox One and PC exclusive.



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