save classic Skype and accessibility from the evil claws of deletion

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 If we win, the assistive technology community will leave you alone and the protests will stop. If you refuse to acknowledge this, you will lose at least sixty thousand customers and the blind community will have no way to communicate. Skype is the most popular method of communication for the blind. However, the newest version, Skype 8, has put this method of communication in danger. Microsoft wants to discontinue the accessible version of Skype on September 1. We can't let this happen. If those with vision who use a mouse can't use the software, those without sight who use a keyboard can't either. This also takes into consideration those with other disabilities. Skype version 8 does not allow useful features such as customizable sounds for those who may be hard of hearing. Microsoft, please see reason and let us keep classic Skype. It is essential for those who use Skype to attend college as well. Think about your customers and the ease of use factor, not trying to make everything look the same.