Prevent the discontinuation of Skype Classic

#KeepClassicSkype as an option for thousands of users who passionately prefer the Skype we know and love and despise the new Skype 8 with so many features and functions we use everyday missing. . Keep Classic Skype 7 features in Skype 8+ and future updates because users will find alternatives and leave Skype. My favorite feature to keep is Skype Room (aka group Chat) Moderation. See my explanation with images here: and tell MS you want this (and oterh missing features in New Skype 8) at Skype UserVoice Forum: We need to be able to control our own grups on Skype. Here is a video on YouTube I made yesterday with more ideas of how to participate to Keep Classic Skype : And did you know there are at least 2 more Petitions like this one? and also

Julie Wolf, Belfair, WA, United States
3 years ago
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