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EULA Awareness and Change

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Minecraft's EULA: The end user license agreement that people overlook and pass off as a bunch of paragraphs. Those people are the players, the ones that don't need to know what it says. The other end of the stick, the Minecraft server owners, we get stuck in the mud with apparent "Pay to Win" servers. The EULA targest we server owners making it rough for us lower tier owners to make a living. 

While we little guys are stuck in the blacklist mud, servers like Hypixel skid freely unpunished, why? They're huge, its as if it doesn't apply to them.

We want the EULA changed, or pushed farely across all servers! We are done sitting here taking the pain for our passions while y'all skid off scot free (Referring to those who own MC)

Whether it changes or not we server owners will fight for our rights within the community. Without server owners the community would fall, this is a rising problem and it needs solved. 

Today: Duddless is counting on you

Duddless Dudd needs your help with “Microsoft: Our goal is to help bring awareness to the flaws in Minecrafts EULA and get them changed.”. Join Duddless and 34 supporters today.