Mojang should stop removing ways to get mods/maps on Xbox one or add a way.

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Sebastian Stevens
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YouTubers, Creators, and even just normal players are always finding ways to get mods, shaders, and much more on console Minecraft. With The bedrock edition of Minecraft this became even more a possible until Mojang and Microsoft patched ways to get them. Mods and shaders make Minecraft that much more fun, Youtubers who make a living off of YouTube are not able to make content anymore because of the patches. Creators are becoming even more limited due to these patches. There needs to either be an official way to get shaders, mods, etc or there needs to be an unpatched way. These multibillion-dollar companies are still milking their players despite making barely any, to losing money. This needs to change. Content creators need to stay in business. Map creators need to have less limits and be able to express their creativity. And most of all, The players deserve it. I have been on console Minecraft for over 8 years now and after trying out Java edition and seeing the possibilities I am convinced that this needs to happen and the players deserve it. Don't let the companies milk us and help other people provide even more entertainment and content to us. Make a change in the Minecraft community. Power to the players