Minecraft new buy & sell program

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"Check the date, it's no April's Fools joke, Microsoft is for real. They plan to open a marketplace where people can sell their builds and mods, while Microsoft keeps 30% of all they make. For once I find it outraging that Microsoft takes money from the work of others without having anything to do with that, and then the short Steam mod marketplace (that has been taken down after a very loud protest from the community) has shown how much that will destroy the modding scene.

Now you could argue that modders invest a lot of time into making those mods and that they totally deserve a little thank-you for it, and I totally agree on that. But for once that's no reason to pay Microsoft for the work of modders, and for second: most modders learn from the modding community and give back to the modding community. Many mods wouldn't exist if other modders wouldn't have released their source code, or helped in other ways. If that suddenly is all turned into valuable assets, then no modder will give out anything anymore for free. As a result you will see a total break-down of the modding scene. Because then everything is just about greed and no longer about giving you a fun experience.

Also lets do some math: if each mod costs you only 1 $/€, do some simple math and calculate how much a mod-pack would suddenly cost you. I calculated some favorite mod packs to be around 40-80€ per pack, that you would have to pay to just play them. Imagine trying to start your favorite FTB mod, and all of a sudden you have to pay 80€ to be able to continue. That is the future that Microsoft wants for you."

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