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Microsoft pls make your Fingerprint Reader usable under Windows 7/8/10/*

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Everbody knows this. You buy a new computer or making an upgrade of your Microsoft Windows system and when you finished, you recognized that some of your old hardware is not supported anymore. :-(

This happened me and many other people with the Microsoft Fingerprint Reader (in my case model 1033).
See the device here:

After the upgrade to Windows 7 is was really difficult to get it to run, sadly it was impossible to run it for sigin into my user or into WBF compatible applications. So this device became useless under Windows 7 and further os's. Windows 8 and Windows 10 did not changed anything on this behavour.

Becuase I hate it, when I need to put working things like this hardware into the garbage, only because there is no new profit for the company when they build a new driver, I create this petition.

This petition stands for all the cheap or expensive devices who just run out of service because there are no new money erarnings for the given developer costs.

Big companys like Microsoft should support there own devices longer than this time of period. If the can not spent developer time for it, they had the chance to put the sourcecode onto github, to give people out there the chance to create there own WBF-driver for this device. The sourcecode is currently not availible.

I know it sound like a little problem, but it is bigger than you think.

Please Microsoft react to this petition!

Greetings by Daniel

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