Make Minecon earth and Minecon alternate

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Minecon earth is alright once in a while but the point of minecon was to bring the community together. People could meet others with the same interest and meet their favourite Minecraft YouTubers, they could see up coming updates or listen to their favourite Minecraft parody song (form this way). Sure some people can't go but there was always a live stream of the 3 day event instead of something that's over in 2 hours.

And yes we know minecon earth is so everyone can "feel like they're there" but you don't because there isn't the cool merchandise or the queues. I suggest we do minecon earth and normal minecons on alternating years. Minecon one year minecon earth the next and so on

Minecon Earth didn’t feel like a Con, it felt like a TV show (which it kinda was). And even though there were the small celebrations, the point of those mini-cons was to watch Minecon EARTH. The point is to bring the whole community together, not to divide it up to watch something (it’s called Minecon, not *Minecons*). I feel a convention should have an official physical form, or else can you really call it a convention anymore?

Even though most people can’t go to a physical Minecon, there are those who can, and I think the Minecraft fans deserve better than a cringey (no offense) 2 hour stream. A convention is supposed to be flashy and eye-catching. with a lot of things to do, but sitting there watching everything being planned out FOR you is boring, it sqanders the adventure and amusement you usually see at conventions.

This petition aims to fix this, with enough signatures we hope that mojang will alternate between Minecon earth and Minecon. Meaning that one year everyone flies to one place in the world to see their favourite YouTubers and enjoy a three day event. Then the next year everyone drives down to their local viewing party to see a couple of YouTubers and watch the stream. This keeps both those who like minecon the way it used to be and those who like minecon the way it is happy.