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Let Certain Affinity work on Halo 6 Multiplayer

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Halo has been in a consistent downfall for the past few years. With the release of Halo: The Master Chief Collection being broken and Halo 5 not being what a lot of Halo fans have come to expect from the series. People are sick of playing a game that has drawn too many aspects from other games and has strayed from its core game design and original game play style that made it so great in the first place! Halo almost seems to be devolving with the ability to mute in lobbies which had to be added months after release, and theater mode not working properly when it did for years until now with Halo 5. A lot of Halo players have also disconnected more times on a Halo 5 server than they ever did playing peer hosted games on Halo 2 and 3... and what do they get in turn? A matchmaking ban so they cannot even play the game. 343 does not seem to express the love and care for Halo that it deserves, for example: with Halo: MCC being broken and unfixed with no join in progress, no working in game emblems, an improper ranking system, poor hit registration in game, plus many more problems...343 decides to focus on adding "Pizza AR Skins" and "French Fry Skins" to Halo 5 weapons. The Halo community is frustrated and is starting to take matters into their own hands by fixing and even making games themselves. With a community fan-made project called "Installation 01", developers are trying to bring Halo back to the way they see it's suppose to be themselves. Also, with the Halo 2 PC Master server list being taken down, the H2PC community has decided to take the game into their own hands by fixing issues the game has had for years that Microsoft ignored and bring the game back online better than ever with "Project Cartographer". Both of these communities are not being paid 1 red cent and are arguably doing a better job than a multi-million dollar company like 343. In conclusion, we are asking to let Certain Affinity take a chance with Halo 6 and give us a current Halo that will be enjoyable to so many of its loyal fans.

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