Petition Closed

Mods are equivalent to downloadable content, but mods are made by the fans for the community. With fan-made content we can have things like a skyrim add-on that is 1/3 the size of the original Skyrim, and is free! These things exist, and on the next Xbox console you will have the ability to create such content. We need the support of the DEVs and the support of Microsoft to make this happen. Please take the time to consider this awesome opportunity. If you are against Microsoft, please contemplate the ramifications of this change on the rest of the market. A Mod (fan-made content) is great for everyone, and spurs innovation in the minds of the developers. the PS4 will also have a debug kit available for purchase to those who have the skills to create game content. 

We are also signing this petition so that the developers, the ones we know and love, can get the money they deserve for selling these games. When you buy and sell used games you give no money to the people who worked thousands of hours to create those games. If this petition passed, as a consumer, you would not have to change the way you buy and sell games; the 3rd party retailers that are stealing money from the developers would be held accountable for the money those developers deserve. 

In turn, we would get games that offer many more hours of gameplay per dollar that you payed for them. We would get the same content PC owners recieve at places like Steam, and we would get game prices that match Steam's as well. Anyone who has the skills to create content for games, should sign. In doing so you are showing the industry that we no longer want downloadable content that costs as much as the game you purchased that content for. It is time to take a stand for the future of gaming. 

Letter to
Executive Vice-President of the Devices and Studios group at Microsoft Julie Larson-Green
We sign because we wish to widen the profit margins of the developers we love. We fight the 3rd party retailers that make millions and leave us with downloadable-content that costs more than the games we purchase them for. We need, and you want, a market where your developers get the funding they want and need. We sign to ask you to bring back what was once a perfect market, and give us a marketplace that we supply. Our creativity will guide us. Using the debug kits found in your new console, mods beget profits, but no one will invest. End this liquidity trap.

Offer developers the security they need to support mods, make sure developers get a piece of used game sales at 3rd party retailing outlets, and we the gamer's will make sure you see no red in your ledger. We ask only that our skilled community have a chance to develop these add-ons, just as they will in your self-published indie game’s market.