Have Minecraft/Windows change their ban standards and process!

Have Minecraft/Windows change their ban standards and process!

December 8, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by drew ediger

Minecraft bedrock now has perma banning for there community guidelines, this includes the following, hate speech (we will not tolerate slurs against any group, even if they are said in a joking manner)

sexual content and soliciting improper contact

real life threats

exposing the personal information of others

posting links to malicious software

impersonating staff

cheating/exploits (this includes anything that would negatively affect another person’s gameplay experience)

general commercial spamming

All of this is mostly good, but it includes the slightest infractions, and if you do get banned, it is permanent, so you cannot play with friends at all, unless you get a nother account and pay for Minecraft again. Also there is no communication between the mods for your ban, so if one mod wants you gone they can do that, there is also no option to negotiate your ban, even with Minecraft support.

The solution to this is to have banns be for a short time period depending on the infraction. Second, have banns be viewed by multiple mods, meanwhile the person is banned for 1-2days. Third, have a process for having a unfair ban lifted, and have a chance for appeal. If some kid, or even an adult, got banned for something to they did not know at the time, or if they learn from their mistakes, let them have a chance to play agean without buying a new account.


Help us receive justice for unfair Minecraft bans!


More info on the banning on Minecraft.net


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Signatures: 33Next Goal: 50
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