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Give a real apology to Laura Kate Dale and All Transgender Gamers

Transgender journalist Laura Kate Dale was called "it," "thing," and "he" by a comedian during an Xbox One Event at Eurogamer Expo 2013. 

Let Laura know you stand with her and all other transgender gamers by asking Microsoft for a real, thoughtful, and thorough apology. The current apology (below)  is not sufficient in addressing the stigma and hurt caused to Laura and the entire transgender gaming commnity by such dehumanizing comments - made from stage no less. In light of the extraordinary barriers transgender people face in accessing employment, healthcare, and basic respect and safety, transgender people deserve better than to be joked about as "it." 

A Microsoft spokesperson has told Gay Star News: 'We are aware of an incident today on the Xbox booth at the Eurogamer Expo, at which an inappropriate comment was made. We apologise for any offence caused."

Gaming is something that is meant to create a fun, welcoming community of people. 

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