We need a standalone Sticky Notes Android app.

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Far too long the support for Android devices has been far and wide, with nothing truly solid. There are a lot of people like myself that like to use Microsoft's Sticky Notes application on Windows 10. Now they have 3 ways for those of us on Android to use it: through the OneNote application, Microsoft Launcher, and the OneNote.com/stickynotes website on a mobile browser. First off, the website version isn't the best with syncing and autocorrect/autocomplete breaks syncing. Second, the Microsoft Launcher is a pain, because not all of us want to use another launcher, just to use the Sticky Notes on the go on Android. Lastly, the OneNote app would seem like the perfect solution, as it doesn't have the weird problems that the website has, and unlike the Microsoft Launcher, we don't have a the unneeded Android launcher part, however, now for those of us that just need the Sticky Notes only, the rest of the entire OneNote app is just extra baggage we don't need. On the other hand, with the OneNote app, user's that have some phablets, and all tablet user's, don't get the option to use the Sticky Notes feature of the app for a stupid reason that honestly makes no sense, so there are tons of people that can't even use OneNote for Sticky Notes, and have to revert to either the Microsoft Launcher (such a pain) or the website (syncing text nightmare).

Now, I tried to remedy this by creating a WebView based app of the website version with fixes so it doesn't have the weird autocorrect/autocomplete bugs as it would normally, along with additional features such as being able to use it offline, and enabling dark mode. It can be used on all Android devices no matter if it's a phone, phablet, or tablet, only as long as it's running Android Lollipop or above. You can check it out for yourself at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=aliendrew.ms.stickynotes unless that is where you came from because you too want a true standalone Sticky Notes app for Android.

Microsoft dev team, it's clearly not hard for you guys to manipulate the code to create just that, a standalone Sticky Notes app better than what I have done, but I, and many others want and need this! And if I had to add one more thing, it would be to have the ability to have multiple logged in accounts in the Sticky Notes app for when we want to switch from personal to work notes, etc, and having widgets for Sticky Notes.

In any case, those of you that want a true Sticky Notes Android app, I ask of you to sign this petition, and hopefully enough signatures will get Microsoft to pay attention.