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Get rid of "used game fee" and need for Xbox Live to play Xbox One games.


By purchasing a physical copy of a game, a purchaser (transferee) obtains all legal right to use, display at the location at which the physical copy is stored, rent, sell, or otherwise dispose of said physical copy according to court-upheld First Sale Doctrine. By inserting themselves as a middle man in the sale of used games with the next generation Xbox One, Microsoft is in clear violation of this First Sale Doctrine.

Also, by requiring a transferee to connect to Xbox Live at regular intervals to be able to play any title which is purchased as a physical copy, Microsoft is infringing upon the afore-mentioned right to use or display said content, a right which is protected under First Sale Doctrine.  There are millions of homes in America and around the world that are still on dial-up internet, or even with no internet access at all.  To impose that any physically purchased and owned content necessitate an internet connection to be able to be used would infringe upone the rights of use of any person without readily available broadband access.

Both the used game transfer fee as well as the requirement to connect to Xbox Live to play these physical copies are violating ownership rights obtained when the transferee purchases this content from the transferer. This is not digital distribution media, for which the laws are ambiguous and still being meted out. These are physical copies of games, copies that are subject to degredation over time just as any other physical good, and thus our rights as purchasers of these games need to be upheld under First Sale Doctrine's previous rulings.

Letter to
We the undersigned are attempting to appeal to your better judgment on this matter. You are attempting to add yourselves into the used game market as middle men, infringing upon the rights of transferees to use, sell, or dispose of games purchased for the Xbox One, rights which have clearly been ruled upon under First Sale Doctrine proceedings for physically purchased goods.

We ask that you take a moment to realize the impact of this practice, that it will be more detrimental to you in the long run than simply allowing the used console game software market to continue as it previously has.

Furthermore, to require purchasers to connect to Xbox Live periodically in order to be able to continue playing content we have legally purchased further infringes upon these rights as laid forth in First Sale Doctrine.

First Sale Doctrine upholds the rights of transferees to use, display at the physical location of the purchased good, rent, sell, gift, or otherwise dispose of said physical copy in any way in which we see fit. Both the used game fee and entering into used game sales transactions between private parties, as well as the requirement of a Live connection to play the content, are in clear violation of this.

It would behoove both sides of the argument not to have to settle this matter in class action proceedings.

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