Develop and release a new installment to the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise.

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It's great that you've introduced the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator to a whole new generation of Flight Hobbyists and Aspiring Pilots, with the re-release of "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" for Steam in December 2014, with the help of Dovetail Games, 8 years and 2 months since it's original release in October, 2006.

As an avid fan of many of the titles in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Franchise, I think maybe it's time for a new addition to such an iconic Flight Simulation Franchise, which has currently been concurrently releasing titles since November 1982, although production of new Flight Simulator Games stopped in 2006.

With the power (3D Capabilities, Graphics Capabilities, Processing Power, etc.) of modern computers, now would be the perfect time for an absolutely new Microsoft Flight Simulator Game, completely built from scratch; I think the fanbase of the franchise would love a more realistic, and visually stunning addition to it.