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We all want Fable 4...........and it doesnt matter when it cost 80 ore 100€ per game

 ....and fable legends would be a new gamechanger for u but u closed it.......                                                           !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                             

id bought a new xbox360 only because there was and fable 2  because fable 1 was great and fable 2 awsome and fable 3 was freaking awsome it was great the best of all and now iam 26 and i was all the years waiting for fable 4 der microsoft it doesnt matter if one year is not so good to make profit u have enough profit and a other year to ther will be more profitable too you so think about it.......


dear microsoft please think about falbe 4 that would be a new reuinion for the xbox of microsoft...... and stay strong behind lionhead and the blue box them that maked u a way of that what are u today,and keep them in our heart and give them a second chance to do it on there own way.....

sorry for my bad english iam only a nice german guy that is in love with the gaming saga of fable