Ayuda para comprar el tratamiento de Alberto!

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Alberto, my 9 year old boy suffers from a rare disease, tk2 mitochondrial myopathy.
He urgently needs this treatment with deoxythymidine and thymidine. We managed to buy her the treatment for a month, without you it would not have been possible! He needs life-long treatment.
He is lying in bed for 4 years, breathing with the help of the devices, ventilated invasively.
This treatment is used in the study, but in New York, Alberto cannot be transported for enrollment, having major cardiological problems.
The doctors there advise us to buy it.
Apparently everyone is doing their best, some patients benefit from studying, buying, or receiving health insurance in Spain. There is a different system to us, it seems, the Ministry of Health cannot help us
Please help my child to have a chance at life!He need 5000€