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End microtransactions on the Xbox One

The day has finally come. After waiting for months and months, you can finally buy the game you've been eyeing all this time. You pay the $60.00, speed home, and pop the game into your Xbox One just to find out that you paid $60.00  for an incomplete game. That impossible boss battle on the third mission of campaign? He is resistant to regular bullets and weak to explosive weapons. Weapons, of course, that will cost you $0.99 in the store. You go to play online launch night and find someone who is already 20 levels higher than you; someone who paid $2.99 for double XP that lasts 3 hours. That sleek, sexy looking Ferrari that has been on every single advertisement since the original trailer released? Is unattainable through regular gameplay and will make your wallet $4.99 lighter.

This "Free" to Play model has infected the gaming industry and is not welcome here. Free to Play games are for Facebook: where games don't cost $59.99. When we as consumers dish out $499.99 and then $59.99 per game, we expect to get a complete product. We expect to not be milked for every penny we have by a corporation that we have already given over half a grand to. We expect get the five multiplayer maps (which were already completed prior to launch) to be shipped with the game. We expect the games that we have spent our childhood playing to be held to a higher standard that that of Candy Crush Saga.

There are two options here Microsoft: 1) You say no to any hint of microtransactions in your games and you keep your consumers happy, and 2) you continue down this road to ruin and watch as your consumers, one by one, line the pockets of your competitors with their money. Choose wisely, because I'm sure Sony will gladly capitalize on your mistake.


From the bottom of our aching wallets,

The Gaming Community

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