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Bring back the fable franchise

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     For me and many others the fable franchise played a major role in our gaming lifes. Recently I went back and replayed fable 3 on my Xbox 360. It brought back many found memories of the franchise; kicking chickens, building a rental property empire, bonding with the dog and choosing to save him over anyone else in fable 2. Out of all of the memories few did I look back on with remorse, other than the fact that I could not repair all properties in fable 3, then playing fable anniversary. I would have played fable journey if I could have afforded a Kinect when it came out, but by the time I could afford one I heard about fable legends and decided to wait for it, then of course it was cancelled. Last year I saw a pc disc of fable in Walmart and bought it without thinking only to find out it could not be played because it could not be activated. This was upsetting to me because I could only play the game when I'm home from college for the summer, since all I have at college is my pc. I spent months trying to figure out how to get it to work and finally did this spring.

     Fable was the game that led me to love role playing games. Before I got an Xbox 360 I had PlayStation 1 and 2, and the only games I had ever played were coop games like shooters or racers, or a few Star Wars games. Fable 2 was one of the very first games I played on the Xbox 360, and it was definitely the first role playing game. It is literally what I base my standards on for other role playing games and none have yet to be quite as good as what the fable franchise was in my mind.

      For me it doesn't matter if lionhead is brought back, i just don't want to see the fable franchise go to waste. Fable could make a return, many fans still want there to be a fable 4, or even just for fable legends to be finished. Fable legends made it to beta, and I'd be more than willing to pay just to be able to play what is there so far. Even if fable cannot make a revival, it would still be nice to be able to play what was already made of fable legends. 

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