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Bring back minecraft's original combat system

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On February 29th, 2016 mojang released the 1.9 update for Minecraft. It added many things players have been asking for for quite a while such as shields, wings, and dual wielding, to name a few, but unfortunately it also added a new combat system that was met with mixed reviews.

To give a basic run-down of it in the new combat system you now have to wait for your melee weapons to "cool down" before attacking again or you will do very little damage to your target. swords now "sweep" whenever you attack making you damage anything in front of you which could lead to you unintentionally hurting things you don't want to, such as wolves or other players. As you may have guessed the new combat system has ruined PVP (player versus player) sure, there is a way for servers to disable the combat system, but if the server you play on didn't disable the combat system you're basically out of luck and you'll have to find another server to play on if you want to play PVP without the new combat system. On top of that, there is no way to disable the combat system in singleplayer.

 A lot of people (including myself) dislike the combat system so much that they have just stayed at 1.8.9 because they just cant stand the new combat system and think that the game could benefit from bringing the original combat system, or at least add an option to disable it in singleplayer.

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