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Petitioning Microsoft

Begin development process of a 3rd installment in the Banjo Kazooie series.

Rare was bought by Microsoft many years back and as a result many great titles such as Donkey Kong and Banjo Kazooie that were being developed were left behind as Microsoft went on to use Rare for their Kinect sports.

Banjo only had one chance with Microsoft as they turned him from the loveable platforming bear with a foul-mouthed bird in his backpack adventuring through vibrant and dark levels to defeat the evil witch Gruntilda, into a mechanic living in a world where planes can be flown on one wing and levels consist of riding around in a cart.

There have only ever been two Banjo games made, continuing on from each other. These were Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie for the Nintendo 64.

Grant Kirkhope, among other developers for Rare working on the original Banjo Kazooie games have requested on multiple occasions that they should go back to the roots of Banjo and look into another Banjo game, the way that it should of been and the way that Rare originally intended for it to be.

Help Microsoft to see that Banjo is not a dead franchise simply because they butchered his concept, and that the world is ready to see a new Banjo Kazooie game. Whether this means Rare goes on another contract with Nintendo or Microsoft exclusively releases it. Rare must see that Banjo is ready for another adventure!

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Too much time has passed since Microsoft has bought Rare and the brilliant games that were once being developed by the company simply died down because games like Kinect Sports have taken the priority.

Please start planning development of a real third installment in the Banjo Kazooie series. Banjo Kazooie is not dead, it is a live franchise that was not received well when watered down to a car game holding none of the original aspects.

Taking a game like Call of Duty and turning it into a game where you collect coins isn't going to make the fans happy at all, so what makes you think that Banjo Kazooie is different? Banjo isn't the problem, it's turning him into a different genre that has caused the decline in profit and sales.

Banjo deserves another chance on the home television where people of all ages can enjoy the magic that Rare fans all once experienced in his original platforming and creative concept.