Let Microsoft and Mojang optimize performance for Minecraft:Java Edition

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The Minecraft: Java Edition game performance deteriorates from 1.13, version 1.14 is the worst in Minecraft history.

The server has high tick time and low TPS is common in Minecraft 1.14, Can't keep up alert spamming the console all day.

Never see any games have so bad performance on their game, and Minecraft is the most famous game in the world.

Today(08/23/2019), Mojang decided to add bees in their game, that means more entities, more lags, especially no improves on performance. The performace improvement is a lie in 1.14 changelogs.

I hope Mojang and Microsoft notice we need a version to optimize the performance and cleanup game code.

Some solutions are parallel the ticking chunks and worlds, async calculate light updates and chunk load, replace stream to classic for each or iterator and more.There some oslutions is already applyed on some 3rd party server software, but it not good enough, that doesn't mean Mojang and Microsoft can doesn't care optimize --- that only mean the game it enough worst and let us can't unbearable.

So please, let 1.15 become a version to optimize the both server&client side, to give us a playable version.