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500+ Colemakey Signatures, and the Colemak User Layout Survey

Hello all, In the first of what should be not too many updates, I'd like to thank everyone who has signed the petition so far. It's been one and a half years since this petition launched, and it's been solid and steady progress upwards. At 500 signatures, we're going for a little more energy moving forwards. The petition can now be found on the front page of We're also trying to collect more data about how the Colemak userbase likes the layout - do you use it with Caps Lock as Backspace, do you leave Caps Lock alone, do you use advanced mods? We're interested - this information could help us in the long-term when talking to Microsoft in getting the layout added. The layout could be added relatively soon, it could also be several years before we hear anything. Knowing how people use Colemak is our limited, grassroots effort to lend greater insight into how a giant multinational (Microsoft) might want to implement our beloved layout. The survey contains two very easy multiple choice questions, and can be filled out in less than a minute. You can also see all survey responses from everyone else once you've submitted your answer with some lovely pie charts! You can access the survey found here: We might go for a more direct approach in trying to contact someone who can make a difference from Microsoft to expedite all of this a bit. If anyone has the contact information already, please leave a comment on the petition page, or get in touch another way :) Thank you all very much for your time and support. I promise not to bombard you with loads of updates! Andrew 'NottNott' Dennis

Nott Nott
3 years ago