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A petition to annulate Crackdaube 3

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For the good of players, for the honnor of games, svp the gamers, go around together and sign this petition to annulate crackdown 3, the honnor of games will be preserved, when a parent will look at his son playing this sh*t he will think video game has no sens, just the shoot, shoot, defooled without morale

but everyone is aware that modern video game is an art, technologicly speaking (not the case of crackdaube which is two gen in retard) or in the level of the ost/scenario/gameplay/competition/esport/reflex...

so help MS with this petition which reclam his annulation, we have the impression that they want to annulate it after the report, because they are in the shit, they didn't succed promess keeping ("I Promise" - Philou) concerning the game, the logic is an annulation early 2018, they are just affraid of the Pro-M reaction.

So I made this petition, good rediged, in english, i am convinced all the gdc forum wiil sign, for the good of gamers and games in general.

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