Petition Update

We can't wait for another ten years!

Kem To
Lincoln, NE

Jun 2, 2014 — The good news is we reach the milestone of 1,013 signers!

The recent signing to replace conventional chemical or organic fertilizers to Microbial Ecological Safety Fertilizer would indicating an estimate of 10 to 20 years to declare victory for 20K signers.

Unless we all act or reach out.......

The green revolution in the 1960’s of chemical fertilizer was awarded Nobel Price because it was introduced to the world and has stopped the huger in Mexico. India and over populated World. After nearly sixty years, into the twenty-first century, people started to realize that the fertilizer we put down on the soil are not safe. Our food and drinking water contain nitrates from chemical fertilizers. Since high nitrogen content chemical fertilizer is still legal, GMO or other pesticide are still also legal, the alternative replacement has to be found while we are fighting to get rid of GMO, pesticide and Chemical fertilizer, MEF is an ideal replacement!