Petition Update

Ag giants will team up in 'game-changing

Kem To
Lincoln, NE

Dec 28, 2013 — After a whole year petition on promoting 'microbial ecological fertilizer (MEF)', a news in December 2013 is two international agricultural giants are forming a cross- Atlantic alliance to speed the use of bacteria, fungi and other "biological" for farmers to meet the world demand. I know a lot of my signers are from the March movement of 'kick Monsanto out of Sweden' and don't be put off because one of these two giants is Monsanto Co. It has at least proved that the Microbial Ecological Fertilizer- is Our Safer Future, and Monsanto has bowed down to the world criticism! The difference is MEF has been invented and tested for 20 years and proved crops yield and less disease and it is the only one accredited microbial fertilizer certificate in China. I hope Monsanto would change its monopoly reputation, not only profiting and manipulating the farming community at the expense of 'the little people'. It will take a lot to see them as the good guys!