Mickler's Beach Must Be Restored or We'll Lose It

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Mickler's Landing Beach is the largest public beach in St. Johns County (SJC), Florida*, and it is in desperate need of restoration after being devastated by hurricanes and nor' easters. This photo taken after Irma shows how badly eroded it is. A total of 135 feet of beach have been lost over the last several decades, and it shrinks about three feet per year on average. It is widely recognized that the SJC and Flagler beaches were the worst hit by Matthew and Irma (per the Florida Department of Environmental Protection) in the entire State of Florida. If we do not restore the beach, we will lose it!


  • We are St. Johns County residents and tourists urging the restoration of Mickler's Landing Beach and the shoreline north through PVB and south, including South Ponte Vedra and Vilano’s ravaged coastline. 
  • It has been proposed that the SJC bed tax (paid by tourists and not residents) be increased such that it would bring in about $14 million over the next seven years to help widen our beaches by about 80 feet. The bed tax is widely used as a funding source to restore beaches in the State of Florida. 
  • We are urging the St. Johns County Commissioners to vote to support a one percent increase in the bed tax. This will add an average of just $1.40 to a hotel room stay per night in our county. 
  • Even with the increase, we would still have a lower bed tax than most counties in Florida. Our largest hotels are IN FAVOR of a bed tax increase as their tourists widely use the beach. Moreover, Florida counties that were ravaged by Irma and Matthew raised their bed tax rate in the past year so that they could deploy the money toward their beaches. This included neighboring Nassau and Flagler counties, in addition to Collier county. We must do the same!
  • Beach nourishment is the only solution to resolving the present-day erosion problem experienced along the shore front. 
  • Without beach renourishment, we'll see more shoreline armoring (seawalls, sandbags, etc. which accelerate the erosion of the coastline), and we'll permanently lose our precious beaches in northern St. Johns County, including Mickler's Landing Beach.


PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION NOW so that adequate funding is generated to restore Mickler's Landing Beach!  The Commissioners' vote on the bed tax increase is likely in late August or September - PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION TODAY!

* by number of parking spaces/ public access

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