Mineral exploration approved at Lake Gairdner The State Government has finalised approvals

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The State Government has finalised approvals to permit mineral exploration on Lake Gairdner National Park situated 150km north-west of Port Augusta in South Australia’s Gawler Ranges.

Treasurer Rob Lucas said the process for the approvals – granted under the Aboriginal Heritage Act.

In accordance with the requirements of the Aboriginal Heritage Act I am now satisfied that satisfactory procedures are in place to deal with Aboriginal Heritage.

As the Common law Holders of (Gawler Rangers Aboriginal Corporation) the Kokatha people where not consulted under the native title act part 9B Agreement no consultations with the local Native Title PBC Members with the proposed Drilling exploration Programme proposed by Cartwheel Minerals Pty Ltd and Mr Rudy Gomez.

The Kokatha people have consulted with Rudy Gomez over many years about the Cultural significances of Lake Gairdner and have refused his mineral application based on the Lakes Cultural and Natural landscape.

Also the whole state of South Australia to enjoy the outback experiences for local Aboriginal traditional owners, South Australia tourism industry Local Pastoralist, Park visitors and International tourist it is well know that Lake Gairdner national park offers and mystic beauty of red sand dunes, one of the largest salt lakes in Australia, Proclaimed in 1991 as a national park because of its nationally significant wild life habitat natural and cultural features plus has a lot to offer to birdwatchers and botanists.          

The impact of Cartwheel Minerals Pty Ltd Drilling programme on the lake surfaces is culturally inappropriate and disrespectful Premier Steven Marshall and Rod Lucas (Treasure) Dan Van Holst Pellekaan (Minster for Energy and Mining) need to think about the whole community of South Australia and tourism experience to promote our state economic development for the environment for our whole national parks eco systems the impact of a mine on a registered scared site for not only traditional owners but all community stake holders that use Lake Gairdner National Park and for future generations of our children to protect a South Australia icon that we all use as one community.    

Please help to support Kokatha Common law Holders of the Gawler Rangers with this Petition stop Premier Steven Marshall and Cartwheel Minerals Pty Ltd Drilling on Lake Gairdner National Park.



Mick Starkey (Kokatha)