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Mick's Law

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Currently, many animal shelters in the United States use euthanasia as a means of combating the highly contagious and lethal FeLV. These organizations are counting their victories in curbing the spread of this disease but no one is asking them to take accountability for the countless numbers of needless victims they themselves create.

Although shelters and rescues are adept at euthanizing sick animals, they do nothing to prevent the spread of illness, but actually perpetuate it by neglecting to TEST AND VACCINATE.

If shelters were to TEST AND VACCINATE all incoming cats for FeLV, the number of needless victims created BY shelters would dramatically reduce.

But how are these victims created?

Cats that come into shelters and rescues are placed into foster homes pending adoption. If a foster home can take 20 cats, and none of these cats are vaccinated or tested, it takes only ONE infected cat to infect the bunch with FeLV. In this case, if a shelter had tested all incoming cats, the infected cat could have been placed in an FeLV foster home for positive cats, and the other 19 could have been innoculated against the disease.

But it doesn't end there. These 20 cats, illness unknown, are adopted by unsuspecting pet owners, who may already have uninfected cats at home. Whether these cats are vaccinated may not matter, as the vaccination is not guaranteed to be 100% effective in all cats.

If Congress passed a law requiring all shelters and rescues to TEST, SEPARATE, AND VACCINATE, the number of needless victims to FeLV and the number of needless euthanizations would be greatly reduced.

Back story:
Think this can't happen? It does. It happened to me.
I brought home Mick, a loving, adorable, spunky 5.5 month old kitten, who immediately came down with an upper respiratory infection. But after medication, it didn't go away. A pre-vaccination test for FeLV confirmed my worst nightmare. Mick's symptoms were FeLV related and not just caused by the stress of coming into a new family.
I also have another 5.5 month old kitten in the home, who was vaccinated, but who will not be in the clear until the end of January 2012. Vaccinations are not 100% guaranteed, and there is a small chance he has contracted FeLV due to this exposure.

Currently, Mick is sick with symptoms of Feline Leukemia. He is only 5.5 months old, but I will soon be making the difficult decision to end his life if he begins to suffer. All because a shelter refused to TEST, SEPARATE, and VACCINATE.

Please don't let Mick die in vain.

Help send a message to Congress and to animal shelters everywhere that you won't tolerate irresponsibility that leads to thousands of needless victims each year.

Make Mick's Law a reality. And keep our furry friends safe from painful diseases, whether they'll be adopted or not.


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