Move the Children's Hospital to Blanchardstown Site

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Children’s Hospital Disaster:

The James site was never the correct location due to its location in the heart of an already heavily congested city.

We still have time to make good and rescue the project and move it’s location to the Blanchardstown Site were it can be built for a fraction of the cost.

For the sake of the children of Ireland who deserve the best of our care. The state needs to act only in the interest of the children. For their welfare now and their future welfare of the generations to come is at stake. Our credibility in the eyes of the world is weakened at the lack of planning and financial control and as usual it seems no one responsible or accountable for this disaster.

As a founder of the National Children’s Cancer Charity Aoibheann’s Pink Tie we started this charity to provide practical and financial supports to families of children with Cancer in Ireland. We have dedicated the last 10 years of our lives and It thrives because the need is so great and we have the children we help at the Centre of what we do. Our dedicated team and the incredible support of the good decent people of Ireland.
We cannot look into the eyes of the children we help and not stand up and speak out that this location is so wrong. It makes absolutely no sense either financially or logistically and offers no room to grow.

We need to change, we need to put the Blanchardstown site back on the political agenda and we need to do it now.

Please support by keeping the pressure on. Write to you local politicians. For the sake of all of our children do the right thing