Students for a Lowered MSU Tuition for Fall's Online Semester

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Studies have shown that online learning is unequivocally worse than the in-person learning experience.  Colleges normally have immense power over their students because of the value they claim to provide from their classes, education, social events, sports, and other student life benefits.  However, due to COVID-19 this fall semester and likely the spring will have the large majority of online courses with a few hybrid style classes. 

On average students perform worse in online classes for various reasons from motivation, to the lack of teacher oversight. This means that this fall Michigan State University is providing a significantly worse value proposition to its students and demanding that they all pay full price as if this were a regular semester. As everyone knows the current situation is anything but normal.

In the regular, less monopolized economy, quality is a major driving factor in price. No company would get away charging its customers a high price for a valued product and instantly lowering the quality significantly and continue charging the same price. They would lose immense business, but this is exactly what MSU is doing this fall.

There have been numerous petitions that have been sent out to other university administrators which have successfully lowered their costs, thus relieving thousands of families who are already facing hardships due to COVID-19 from health to work. On top of the high cost for a worse education, Michigan State's provosts and other administrators have salaries ranging from $150-590k while students and their families struggle to come up with the money to afford to live safely and to pay for school this fall. (Full salary list here)