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MSU should provide parking for student employees

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Michigan State University severely undervalues its student employees and their wellbeing. Parking is not provided for student employees, even though many of us have to commute to work. We do not qualify for the overpriced employee pass simply because we are students, even though we run a lot of the fundamental services that the university offers. Parking at MSU is not cheap, especially for full-time students who make minimum wage and have other bills to pay. Not to mention we are already paying thousands of dollars to go to school there, making it absurd that they expect us to pay the parking rates that have been exponentially rising just to go to work. Because school takes up the bulk of our time, most of us have to work when it is dark outside and not safe to walk outside alone, which becomes problematic because a lot of us have to park our cars on residential streets a good distance from our employment because there is no parking provided for us. This is an appreciation, financial, and safety issue. Not knowing if we are going to be able to find a spot to park because there is a special event going on or worrying about walking to our cars in the dark at 11pm makes it harder to do our jobs. MSU needs to provide their student employees with parking that is safe and guaranteed. We do a lot for the university and its functioning, and it is time they show some appreciation for it. 

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