MSU: Fire Lou Anna K. Simon

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Michigan State: As far too many have already said...Time's Up.

We are shaking with anger, we are sick, and we are damn well tired of this façade you continue to parade around town. You are not protecting MSU's brand by your statements; you are destroying it. You are eviscerating the trust that students, alumni, and fans have placed in your hands.

Larry Nasser should never be identified as a doctor, because as McKayla Maroney said, he is monster and a child molester. If you add up Jerry Sandusky, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein's victims, they barely outnumber those of this one deviant.

You enabled a monster for decades and still refuse to accept responsibility. When we sing "MSU Shadows" we are supposed to do so with fond memories and reverence. Do you know what I think of now? The "shadows" you allowed this man to cast over hundreds of girls and young women's lives. Dark shadows that will forever change the lives of women, their friends, and their families. You may not have committed the abuse, but you allowed it to continue. These "shadows" are yours to bear, and you must shine a light on them.

You CAN help start the healing process. If you want to save face, then you must admit your failings and wrong-doings. You must fire those who protected Larry.

So you know what the first step must be? Fire the face of our beloved school, who waited months to even comment on the article that ousted this bastard for what he really is. Lou Anna K Simon is no supporter of MSU, she has proven that time and time again in her statements and silences. She MUST go, and along with her should be every other person who failed these girls for decades.

There is so much more I can, and want, to say. But the solution here is simple: start with firing President Simon. And then move on to those who contributed to this atrocity.

Give our "fight song" meaning and fight for what is right; fight for these women. Make our "ivy covered halls" safe again by purging them of those who allowed harm to happen. This is not a matter of green and white; it is black and white, right and wrong. It is time for you to step up to the plate and RIGHT THESE WRONGS.

I love my alma mater, and have since I was a toddler, but I am so ashamed and furious at it. Our community has been rocked to the core, and almost everyone involved in this could have been saved had you listened to the first reports in the 90's.

Spartans Will. And you better damn well believe we will not stop coming for those responsible.

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