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Grade Viewing System at Michigan State University

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In order for Michigan State University to deliver the most effective and prestigious education, we the students believe that it is necessary for the university as a whole to implement a standardized, real time grade viewing system so that way we can ensure our academic success in all of our studies.



Dear Michigan State University,

Here at Michigan State, students are left almost completely in the dark for the entire academic semester because they can not easily see what their current academic progress is for any of their classes. This leads to lower grades because Michigan State students can not check their grades for accuracy (e.g. if their professor has correctly entered their scores on an individual assignment) or see what needs to be improved upon and worked on. Some classes here at MSU even have professors that do not give back any of their students grades until nearly the end of the semester. This is very detrimental to the students academic success, and as students at Michigan State we are expected to be the very best.  The best way of improving the overall education here at MSU is to have a real time grade viewing system where students can access all of their grades either online, and/or through use of an app on their mobile devices. Many other educational institutions use real time grade viewing systems, such as Indiana State University, or even Grand Ledge High School who uses a system called PowerSchool for students to access their real time grades. 


Problems With the Current System

Currently MSU offers a partial solution to this pending issue. A service called Desire 2 Learn (D2L) has an online grade book option, however there are a few concerns with this system. 

1. Professors do not frequently use the online grade reporting on D2L (some entirely do not use it whatsoever)

2. Not all grades in all courses are posted on D2L 

3. The grade breakdown and lack of an overall grade including all categories of your final grade is not sufficient to determine your success in the course

How This Can be Fixed

There are two main options that can be put into place to combat this issue. The first being that Michigan State may outsource their grade book through another online service, such as PowerSchool or BlackBoard. The second option is to fix the existing system put into place.

Some major ways that Michigan State could fix the current system could include:

1. Put a new university policy in place Requiring all professors to use D2L for their grades, and also updating students grades at least once weekly when in reason (e.g. bigger projects may be given more time to be graded, however all grades must be entered into the system once they are done being graded.)

2. Update D2L to have a more comprehensive grade feedback area. This could include having all of your current overall course grades on one screen, and would include a breakdown of each individual assignment, quiz and exam with grades (and possibly future assignments). 


Thank you for your time and consideration. 


The Michigan State Student Population 

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