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Calling for resignation of Officer Brian Klonowski

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Officer Brian Klonowski to be sworn in as Chief of Police, August 24th 2016

Southgate Police Officer Brian Klonowski was rejected by Gina Falconer, when he attempted to make advances on her at a party in April 2004.

    Officer Klonowski yanked Gina out of her chair by her shirt....Threw her to the ground....Restrained her by sitting on top of her, and began punching her in the face....It took four people to get Officer Klonowski off of Gina. She suffered a hemorrhage to her eye, a broken nose and a broken bone above her eye.

    Officer Klonowski was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

    Instead of suspending Officer Klonowski after he was arrested for brutally beating Gina, the Southgate PD just reassigned Klonowski to desk duty.

    On August 5, 2004, Officer Brian Klonowski plead no-contest to an assault charge. Klonowski was placed on probation for eighteen months AND was suspended without pay from the Southgate PD for one year.

    On August 06, 2004 [just as his unpaid suspension from the Southgate PD had begun], Klonowski was given a court-appointed job by District Court Magistrate Maria Nevalo.

    Klonowski only had served three months of his eighteeen month criminal probation and his one year suspension from the Southgate Police Department, when Southgate Mayor Dennis David reinstated him to the Police Department on January 07, 2005.

    Southgate Mayor Dennis David defended his action in putting Officer Klonowski back on duty within three- months [and while he was still on probation]. "People should have more sympathy for the officer...No one has taken his side at all on this issue...I'd just like to see someone put themselves in his shoes....He beat this girl up...I think he'll come back a better man for it..."

    Southgate Police Chief Larry Hall was furious with Mayor David's decision, to reinstate Officer Klonowski. "This is an abuse of power. This is not some love tap. This is not some shoving match. This is a martial artist, black belt, who just beat the hell out of a girl." Mayor David later reprimanded Chief Hall for his reaction to reinstating Officer Klonowski before his one year suspension.

    Help us make sure that an officer who brutally beats women doesn't become Chief of Police in our city of Southgate, MI.

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