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Amend the Michigan Shared Parenting Act to Protect all of Michigan's Children

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If you know of a child in a custody situation, please take the time to consider the implications of this bill and let your voice be heard! Bill number 4691 has passed the House committee panel and is headed for an upcoming House vote. Please – ask your representatives to revise bill number 4691 before passing it! We are thankful for legislators' desire for change in the 47 years since the Child Custody Act of 1970 was passed. This bill should not be a partisan issue, as we are all on the side of the children!

*Though change is desperately needed in the court system after 47 years, a one-size-fits-all bill will not be in the best interest of all children.

*Equal parenting time would replace the factors of the best interest of the child, the moral fitness and mental and physical health of the parents, and the length of the child's home, school and community record.

*Under this law, nursing babies 6 months of age will be away from their momma for half the time.

*Children of deployed parents will spend half their time with a third party, of the deployed pearent's choosing. Instead of having the stability of the other parent's presence fulltime, children of deployed parents will be away from both parents for half the time. 

*For families who had a primary caregiver parent and primary breadwinner parent arrangement already, the parenting time would be split equally and the primary caregiver would most likely have to obtain full time work, thus giving much parenting time to a third party babysitter or day care.

*Child support may be eliminated or reduced, requiring former primary caregiver parents to find full time work and limiting their time with their children. 

*Reductions in child support could lead to many more low income parents utilizing more government assistance, and overloading an already strained Michigan welfare system.

*Domestic violence is an exception to the 50/50 parenting time split. But family courts often ignore reports of abuse. Trained experts should evaluate both parents and the child in all cases of reported domestic abuse before dismissing a parent's report. 

*The sponsor of this bill has expressed how many judges have chosen either moms or dads as their favored parents in case after case. The bias must end and children need to be ensured safety, stability and security.

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