Abortion, Sex Education, and Contraceptive Reform

Abortion, Sex Education, and Contraceptive Reform

April 1, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Jade Belue

As Americans, we desire what is best for our country. However, many of us hold conflicting opinions as to what ‘better’ is. I’d like to propose an idea I believe we can all either agree with or compromise on.

What if I told you we could drastically lower abortion numbers, promote safe sex, and strengthen the nuclear family in a simple and swift plan? Well, we can.
I am proposing a plan for sex education to be reformed nationwide, contraceptives to be made free and readily available to anyone 13-25, and abortion laws to be further regulated and limited.

My proposal includes:

Reforming Sex Education: 

  1. Removing and refuting Abstinence only/ Abstinence oriented sex education because it has statistically failed (according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information.)
  2. Clearly laying out and explaining contraceptive options and their level of effectiveness.
  3. Giving students access to contraceptives on campus through a qualified medical provider (without parental consent.)
  4. Making sex education more inclusive for LGBTQ+ students.
  5. Clearly stating the risks of sex and the consequences.
  6. Teaching the responsibilities which follow have sex and it's potential outcomes. 

Making contraceptives free and readily available to individuals 13-25 years old.

  1. Not only would this reform benefit our countries' up and coming generation and generations to come, but it would also benefit our society. Paired with sex-ed reform, it is rational to believe making contraceptives free and readily available to individuals 13-25 would drastically lower unitentended pregnancies and therefore the need/want for abortions. I chose the age Group of 13 to 25 because this is when young adults are most affected by sex culture, struggle to have access to contraceptives, and the age group in which roughly 50% of abortions occur (Guttmacher.)

  2. Not to mention, many people 13 to 25 are students and should not have to worry about the financial hardships of safe sex. Obviously, free doesn’t actually mean free in terms of my plan for contraceptives, so,where will the money come from? By decriminalizing and taxing marijuana, we can: (1) Cover the cost of contraceptives for the individuals I have proposed. (2) Strengthen and re-normalize the nuclear family. A modernized version of the nuclear family typically consists of two parents who are financially stable and raising their children to the best of their abilities. So, how would this strengthen the nuclear family? Well, for starters, African-Americans are disproportionately affected by drug charges, single parent households, and targetted by abortion clinics (Statista and Sentencing Project.) This way, we can truly fight generational chains, but also help everyone else along the way. 

Gradually regulating abortion.

  1. Overtime, paired with sex ed and contraceptive reform, abortion should be further regulated to reflect the lower number of unintended pregnancies.  
  2. My proposal is to cut the legality of abortion from 24 weeks to 8 weeks gradually over the course of a 3 to 5 year plan. Please note, exception will be made in cases of rape, incest, and medical necessity/emergency. 

While my argument may come off strong, it is made for the best intentions of all parties involved. This proposal is not based off of my own individual selfish beliefs, but rather a compromise I am suggesting by viewing all sides. Together, we can win this battle. Together we can drastically lower the numbers of abortions and unintended pregnancies, promote safe sex, and strengthen our country, society, and family units. If you agree or believe my proposal is a great means of compromise, I am asking that you please sign and share my petition as a means of showing support. 

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Signatures: 17Next Goal: 25
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