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Debra Singleton
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Family, friends and the community at large are requesting that immediate action and effort be taken regarding the disappearance of Brittany Nichole Shank (Wallace).  Brittany has been missing since November 30th, 2018.  It is the opinion of all above stated parties that the efforts made to date to locate Brittany by both the Michigan State Police and the St.Joseph County Sheriff's department have lacked in effort and therefore, have been substandard and unacceptable. 

To date, there has been but one concerted ground search effort by law enforcement personnel to locate Brittany.  To date, there have been no public updates on actions and/or progress being made by law enforcement personnel.  To date, there has been very limited efforts to communicate with the family regarding updates on how the case is progressing.  

The family and friends of this beautiful young lady have been left to their own devices in their efforts to locate Brittany.  It goes without saying that no mother, father, sister or friend of Brittany's should bare the sole responsibility of searching on land, investigating potential tips and generating media coverage for their missing loved one.  

The Michigan State Police Department, as well as the St. Joseph County Michigan Sheriff's department needs to immediately begin putting forth immense effort into finding Brittany.  This includes the following: Organized ground search efforts with K-9 assistance.  Media interaction and communication with the general public. Utilization of resources and assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  And finally, direct communication and assistance to the family.  

Brittany deserves better.  Her family deserves answers.  Action must be taken to bring Brittany home now.  This is about the justice of due course and a proper investigation for every missing person and everyone who's lost someone they love.