CSB Education Bill: Mandatory Celebration & History of Ethnic Cultures K-12

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The reason for this petition (CSB Education Bill):

It is pivotal to be educated and have awareness amongst all cultures. No child is born hating someone because of the color of their skin. Children are being taught to hate at a young age, however if we successfully teach children about understanding different cultures, they can learn to appreciate them rather than hate.  This would include learning about the history of ethnic cultures in America and some of their celebrations. We believe this will start to eliminate racism for future generations. 

This would include the ethnic history and cultures of the following ethnicities:

- African American

- Native American/Indigenous 

- Asian Americans

- Latinx

- Arabic/Middle Eastern

Why do we want this to be taught in K-12?

Everyone does not go to college but almost everyone goes through K-12. By the time you graduate high school most people have already formed their opinions. If we can start this process while kids are young we can help them grow into a more aware and inclusive generation.

- Voice of Change

Email: scvoiceofchange@gmail.com