Life sentence for delivering heroin laced with fentanyl which leads to death in Michigan

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My son Shawn Powers was 27 years old. My first born child was delivered Heroin laced with Fentanyl in April 2017. He passed away. He was deceased for two hours before the paramedics were called and when they were, Shawn's "so called friends/dealers" refused to do CPR. We had outdoor video surveillance along with Facebook messages (laptop) that were given to Wexford County Police. The witnesses lied on their statements about the time of death. Proof by autopsy. They moved him to another location after he had passed (proof by video surveillance) Where are the dealers now? Still selling drugs and testing positive for drugs...I have recent (background) paperwork from the Wexford County Courts to prove this. Haven't went to jail for anything. I refuse to let my son be another #forgottenvictim from drug induced homicide. Please sign my petition. It could save a few more lives. Thank you for your time and support!