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Eliminate the Statute of Limitations for ALL Cases of Child Sexual Abuse

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A hole in Michigan law is letting child molesters walk free.

Randall Doctor admitted to authorities that he had sexually molested boys throughout the 1980s.  Eight victims have come forward (so far) & shared horrifying stories of his abuse. Randall Doctor is now in prison, but the Judge was only able to sentence him to two years in prison on a gun charge and 30 months in prison on drug charges. [1]

Randall Doctor can’t be brought up on child sex abuse charges because at the time the sexual assaults occurred, Michigan had a statute of limitations on child sex crimes.

The Bad News:  The case of Randall Doctor in NOT unique.  Thousands of victims do not have an opportunity for justice, as child molesters are being protected by statute of limitation laws.

The Good News:  The law has been changed & the statute of limitations on child sex crimes in Michigan was removed in 2001 (way to go Legislators! Woot-woot!)

The Bad News: The law was not made retroactive, so many victims abused before 2001 cannot get their day in court.  Even if a pedophile admits to abusing children - prosecutors are unable to pursue these cases & child molesters walk free.  

The Good News: A bi-partisan group of Michigan Legislators has introduced HOUSE BILL No. 4133 to close this loop hole & retroactively eliminate the statute of limitations on all cases of child sexual abuse.

Please, sign this petition and tell Michigan Governor Rick Snyder & all of our Michigan legislators to eliminate the Statute of Limitations for ALL cases of child sexual abuse.

Tell them that children deserve protection, victims deserve time, and sex offenders deserve punishment. 

Let prosecutors decide which cases to pursue, not clocks.  

"Currently, we're barred by the statute of limitations from pursuing any criminal sexual conduct charges against him (Randall Doctor).  But for the statute of limitations, we would have charged him."- Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson [2]







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