Ban the implementation of 5G in Michigan

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Ever since it's initial release in 2018, 5G has caused many concerns among the public and among the scientific community.

5G network radiation outputs have not been thoroughly researched or tested before their implementation and there is a high likelihood that 5G radiation is carcinogenic. A toxicology report released in 2018 by the US Department of Health, found that male rats who are exposed to high levels of radio frequency radiation developed cancerous tumours in their hearts.

The World Health Organization classifies radio frequency radiation as a class 2B carcinogen. 

5G technology presents a couple of new issues that depart from 4G technology, namely, higher microwave frequencies from 2.6 GHz to 28 GHz, compared to 700–2500 MHz typically used by 4G. Because the higher millimeter wave used in 5G does not penetrate objects easily, this requires the installation of antennas every few hundred meters, which has sparked concern among the public.

In January 2019, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries sent a letter to officials of the European Union demanding a moratorium on 5G coverage in Europe until potential hazards for human health have been fully investigated. 

In April 2019, the city of Brussels,  Belgium blocked a 5G trial because of radiation laws. In Geneva, Switzerland, a planned upgrade to 5G was stopped for the same reason.

Again in April 2019, Sprint was forced to remove a 5G tower from Weston Elementary School in Ripon, UK. This was in response to 8 children, all under the age of 10, developing rare forms of cancer all within a few months of the towers initial construction. 

Many studies have associated low-level RFR exposure with a litany of health effects, including:

DNA single and double-strand breaks (which leads to cancer)

oxidative damage (which leads to tissue deterioration and premature ageing)

disruption of cell metabolism

increased blood-brain barrier permeability

melatonin reduction (leading to insomnia and increasing cancer risks)

disruption of brain glucose metabolism

generation of stress proteins (leading to myriad diseases)

We need to take this issue with all seriousness and demand that the rollout of 5G towers be halted until there is sufficient research done into its harmful effects on humans. The future of our health and of our children's health should not be put into the hands of a few telecommunication companies so that they can make a quick profit.