I'm a Michigander and I support Governor Whitmer's Stay Home, Stay Safe order.

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In Michigan this week a small minority with loud voices have been trying to paint a picture that Michiganders do not support Gretchen Whitmer's Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order. Republican legislators in the Senate have now taken this as a cue to move to undermine our Governor and try and remove some of her power to keep us safe. 

Those who gathered together at the Capitol building in Lansing, shunning masks and social distancing rules do not represent the majority of Michiganders.

Those who leaned out of their windows in vehicles that blocked and stalled passage to and from the hospital, they do not represent the majority of Michiganders.

Those that organized the "protest" that became out of hand, will have likely created a future spike in cases and even deaths, and yet have already organized another similar protest for next week. They Do NOT represent the majority of Michiganders. 

Medical professionals like my husband who are risking their own lives for the community good do not deserve to be stabbed in the back by such reckless behavior.

There is no doubt a lot of Michiganders are hurting financially and are afraid that things will only get worse. They deserve to be listened to and supported. But let your representatives and friends know how you feel by using your phone, from the safety of your home. 

Organizing a counter protest right now to show the strength of the support for our Governor and her policies is not the responsible path, clearly. But we need to let Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Senate (who are poised to undermine Whitmer's attempts to increase our safety) know how we feel. 

By signing this petition you are voicing your support for the Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order and asking the politically motivated Republicans in the State Senate to sit down. 

Edit: It has been brought to my attention that Change.org (the company that hosts this petition) invites those who sign any petition to donate to Change.org for advertising revenue, "to advertise this petition." If it is not 100% clear, the money goes solely to Change.org and not to me, to Governor Whitmer or to this cause. It is a petition company. I have neither requested, nor want any funds. Your signatures and your time to share the petition with your communities is however greatly appreciated.