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Petitioning Michigan Lawmakers

Make the right choice and expand Medicaid coverage

Michigan has a unique opportunity to increase the access to health care and cut the number of uninsured by almost half. We can expand Medicaid coverage to 470,000 individuals with long-term, sustainable funding that will lead to immense savings down the road.

Governor Rick Snyder's bold proposal could ultimately save the state up to $1 billion in the next ten years. But most importantly, it will save lives, help families weather health crises and reduce the spiraling health care cost burden for businesses and hospitals. We can't let politics get in the way of this opportunity to transform our state's health care landscape and break the cycle of poverty.

Your voice is critical. Remind your lawmaker to do the right thing and support Medicaid expansion.

Letter to
Michigan Lawmakers
Michigan could be a leader in the nation when it comes to health care and reducing the number of uninsured. I’m asking you, as my representative, to act in favor of supporting a Medicaid expansion.

We could increase access to health care and cut the number of uninsured by half. This would save lives and help reduce the health care cost burden on businesses and hospitals. And, the plan would ultimately save Michigan up to $1 billion over the next 10 years.

Don’t let politics get in the way. We can transform Michigan’s health care landscape, break the cycle of poverty, and prevent needless deaths.

Make a long-term investment in our future – and the health and well-being of Michigan’s residents.

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