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Legalize Gay Marriage and Strike Down Michigan Proposal 04-2

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It's a controversial topic, I know. Believe me, I know. I spend most of my free time as a sixteen year old bisexual girl trying to make life easier for my friends and even people I don't particularly like. This is an overly-mature concept for someone my age, but I've learned that suffering isn't fun, no matter who you are. That's why I've decided to start this petition. I am, as I've mentioned before, bisexual. I'm helplessly in love with a girl, who just so happens to be my best friend of eight long years. All I want at the end of my life on this planet is to be able to love her freely without having to move out of state. I adore her and it's not a phase or a rebellion. I love her and I want to marry her, maybe raise a kid or two with her. As I said previously, I try to make life easier for my peers. I'm not the only one who wishes to have a legal marriage with a person of the same gender. Many of my friends and my friends' friends are some sort of orientation other than cisgendered heterosexual. Many of them have been diagnosed with clinical depression disorders or have attempted suicide, with had something to do with LGBTQIA hate or illegality in Michigan. We've all agreed to make it a goal of ours to end all the superstitions of how gays 'will ruin the idea of marriage' and 'ruin our familial bonds.' We're people who want to make a living and be happy. Please, help me legalize my pursuit of happiness. The 2014 Olympics showed its support, and Michigan should too. End the hate, and make us all equal. The Constitution of the United States says we are. Let's act.

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