Enforce the Michigan "stay-at-home" order

Enforce the Michigan "stay-at-home" order

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Concerned Citizen started this petition to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Dear Governor Whitmer,

Thank you for the actions you have taken thus far to protect the public. Unfortunately your measures are not fully realizing their potential and having the intended effect. Too many people are outright violating your stay-at-home order. And businesses that are deemed essential have catered to these individuals for non-essential goods.

The violations of your orders will only prolong this crisis and result in long term damage to the economy. Further, the inability of law enforcement to enforce these measures have rendered your orders ineffectual. If we don’t address this problem in a timely manner, the community will suffer for months and years to come.

It’s evident that most Michiganders are taking this threat seriously. But far too many people are violating the stay-at-home order.

Businesses that have been deemed “essential,” are being resourced for “non-essential” goods. This inevitably spreads the disease. While some businesses, now facing bankruptcy, have been completely shut down for the declared purpose of protecting the public, other businesses are open, and making money selling non-essential goods. Your attempts to control this outbreak is thus compromised and the pandemic is needlessly prolonged.

The purpose of shutting down businesses and closing schools is to restrict the movement of people and the spread of this virus. If we continue to allow the movement of people for non-emergency needs, we prolong the damage being inflicted on the economy.

Due to the vagueness in the stay-at-home orders in defining what is essential or necessary, the police are unable to enforce these violations. This must change.

We would like to propose the following:

1) That police and fire officials are given discretion to determine what is essential within clearly defined guidelines.

2) That the police and fire officials are given authority to ticket people engaged in the purchase of non-essential goods, and are actively encouraged to do so.

3) That retail stores deemed essential, close to the public for all but non-emergency items.

4) That retail stores and employees are given a waiver of liability to refuse service for goods deemed non-essential.

More effective measures are needed to defeat this virus and get the economy opened back up. Half measures will delay this process resulting in long term economic harm that will last years.

Thank you for your consideration.


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