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Bring good time back to Michigan prisons

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Bringing good time back to Michigan prisons would save the state money as well as free up space in the prisons to prevent over crowding. Many of the inmates that are being held inside Michigan prisons have been incarcerated far longer than is necessary. The longer we hold these inmates in prison the more it is costing the State of Michigan. By bringing back good time it would reduce the amount of violence inside prison walls. Good time would give these men and women something to work toward and look forward to. We are not rehabilitating these inmates by keeping them locked up for many years. The job of the prison system is to punish, rehabilitate and protect society. All the prison system is doing is punishing. These inmates are not being rehabilitated and there are many men and women being held inside these prison walls for nonviolent crimes and are not a danger to society. Michigan should bring back good time and set up rehabilitation programs outside of prison where these inmates can get the help they need in order to become productive members of society. The State of Michigan already has one of the toughest set of sentencing guidelines of all states. We cannot continue to just lock men and women up for non violent crimes as we have been in the past. There has to be another way. Many lives are being destroyed. The lives of the inmates, their children, wives, mothers, fathers and siblings. The Michigan Department of Corrections effects the lives of many people not just that of the inmate. The State of Michigan needs to find a way of dealing with crime other than locking people up and throwing away the keys. If we as citizens of the State of Michigan cannot accomplish this then we have become a cruel and uncaring society.


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