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Replace road salt during the winter with an alternative solution

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The use of salt in the winters in Michigan has many negativge effects on the citizens of this state and its natural environment. Due to the corrosiveness of Salts (specificaly Sodium Chloride), using salt on our roads during the winter costs the people of Michigan Millions every year. The salt used in the winter corrodes the frames and panels of cars, bridges, and other steel structures. By causing this corrosion, road salt costs the people millions in repairing bridges and other structures, and ruins many cars that are otherwise mechanically sound.

Another negative effect of the use of road salt is the damage it causes to the roads. As all residents of this state know, we have some of the worst roads in the United States ( Many studies have looked into this topic, and have found that the road salt used has detrimental effects on road quality ( Michigan Governor Rick Snyder recently proposed a $1.2 billion spending bill in order to repair Michigan's roads. By stopping the use of road salt, these huge repair bills could be minimized, and the money could be allocated to other spending, such as education or health.

The quality of our roads also has a detrimental effect on our residents. It is estimated that every driver in Michigan spends over $350 in repairs on their cars due to the conditions of the roads ( If the road salt usage were to be stopped, Michigan residents would be saving the cost of having to repair suspension components and corrosion on their cars to due the road salt.

Finally, the use of road salt also has a detrimental effect on the environment. The run-off from the salt is very harmful to natural wild-life, as the concentration of salt used on the roads is very unnatural. Multiple studies have proven that the extreme concentrations of salt harm the environement, and using an alternative would end these negative effects (


A viable alternative that is being used in other states, such as Oregon, is the use of sand as a de-icer. 

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