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Michigan Department of Human Services: Remove Child Protective Services Manual/Field Guide from Internet

The CPS manual being available on the internet, for the general public to read and download, puts children in harm's way. This manual details the policies, procedures, and even questioning as pertains to investigating complaints of child abuse. The manual has sections regarding how to interview the children who are suspected of being abused. It includes a section on how to interview suspected perpetrators of abuse and other adults associated with the complaint. It gives cps case workers insight as to how to tell the difference between someone who is telling the truth about not committing the abuse allegated as well as what signs to look for in a person who is most likely guilty of the abuse allegated. The manual describes which answers are the "right" answers when an adult is questioned about suspected sexual abuse. In essence, a perpetrator of abuse can read this manual intended for cps workers and know exactly how to hide evidence of their abuse, thus putting vulnerable children at greater risk. Please sign this petition and convince the State of Michigan that public access to this manual is a danger to our children and society.

Letter to
Michigan Department of Human Services
Director of Department of Human Services Maura Corrigan
Secretary to Director of Department of Human Services Janice Christophel
and 6 others
Chief Deputy Director, Department of Human Services Duane Berger
Director, Office of Children's Ombudsman Verlie Ruffin
Michigan State House
Michigan State Senate
Director, Children's Welfare Programs Suzanne Stiles Burke
Director, Children's Services Steve Yager
I request the Child Protective Services Manual/Field Guide be removed from the Department of Human Services website and the internet. Stop sharing sensitive interview tactics and putting vulnerable children in danger.

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