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Tell the DEQ: Michigan residents aren't guinea pigs

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The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is moving forward with an industry-promoted plan that gives polluters a free pass to emit toxic chemicals into our air. Members of the public have until Dec. 18 to submit comments on the proposal to deregulate 500 air pollutants that have been subject to oversight in the past. 

By signing this petition, you're telling DEQ leaders they must put the health of Michigan families first, and maintain common-sense protections for clean air and safe communities. 

The state's plan would end regulation of about 250 chemicals that have not been tested for their health impacts. Michigan's current regulations protect public health by assuming any chemical whose effects are unknown is very toxic, and only allows them to be emitted in relatively small amounts. Without testing, state regulators can’t say with any certainty that these chemicals don’t cause cancer. In effect, the rule change would let polluters treat Michigan residents like guinea pigs.

Also concerning is the proposed deregulation of roughly 250 chemicals that are known to be toxic, despite not being linked to cancer. A chemical's human health impact is a function of both its toxicity and the quantity emitted. The proposal eliminates quantity from that equation, allowing polluters to emit as much of these harmful chemicals as they wish.

Slashing the air toxics program would be especially harmful to low-income families and communities of color, which already suffer more than other Michiganders from the health impacts of industrial pollution. Loosening air regulations would be very harmful in Greater Detroit, where asthma already puts residents in the hospital three to six times as often as in the rest of Michigan.  

Thank you for standing up for clean air and a healthy Michigan!

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